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Local Search Engine Optimization

Get found online optimize your businesses local search presence today! *

For businesses with an existing online presence:

Step 1: Website evaluation and online presence analysis. (Free consultation)

Step 2: Get right with Google – optimize your Google My Business profile so you can be found in the online search giants results.

Step 3: Local off-page SEO campaign - optimizes your businesses information online (renewable annual service plan).

Step 4: Google Analytics set up and on-site SEO improvements. Quarterly web site traffic analytics reports.

Step 5: Content marketing plan with keyword research to refresh website content and push out to social media channels for extended reach.

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Learn more on each step in About SEO.

* Includes analysis and service to one business location or website domain.

About SEO:

Search engine optimization or SEO has been around as long as the search engines themselves. SEO has commonly been known as a way to get your web pages viewed on the first page of search results for the keywords or phrases you want to be found for. Google and other top search engines such as Yahoo are constantly updating and changing their search results algorithms which can sometimes turn back efforts that previously had worked. These search giants want to show the most relevant search results to their customers to provide a valuable service for their advertisers. Today there is a variety of ways search results are displayed on the local level. ArtShed Digital's experience in local search optimization can help your business by optimizing your web presence on the world wide web.

(Step 1) While it is an admirable goal for some to get to #1 in search results, it is an unlikely target without a lot of work and a large operating budget to attain this lofty goal. If you type in a search for “Business A” in Google and it comes up on the first page you are one step up on the competition. But if you type in “Business A” and it doesn’t come up on page 1 and they have to keep looking to find you on page 2, 3, 4 and so on then Search Engine Optimization could help move that dial. SEO can help a web presence by optimizing pages to be found by major search engines and online directories.

(Step 2) Optimizing your profiles on Google is essential to a better web presence. Google is the #1 search engine of choice for a majority of people online by default in most cases. Getting fully integrated with Google's free and or paid services is a key to gaining traction in the search engine giants ecosystem, which in many cases can extend far beyond just search results.

(Step 3) Off-page search engine optimization can also play a very important role in establishing a businesses relevancy to the vast ecosystem of online directories and search engines. In many instances these ecosystems interact with each other to deliver real results to the big search engines. This off-page SEO is essential to performing well in local online search results.

(Step 4) On-page SEO, combined with fresh content and an optimized website can give a website or webpage a better position in “organic” search results for particular keywords or phrases. The context of “organic” here is the “natural search engine results” as opposed to paid results, such as paid advertising or PPC (pay per click).

(Step 5) Search engines are looking for the freshest content to send to the top of their search results. Your website needs to deliver fresh content on a consistent basis to have better chances of being relevant in online search. Having a carefully constructed content marketing plan is critical for SEO success. Pushing that content to social media channels helps to extend the reach of your online marketing.